Watertown Yacht Club

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Additional Information

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The following information covers some of the duties, responsibilities, facilities and the types of events held at the Watertown Yacht Club. The WYC is governed by established rules and bylaws.

Application Process – Candidates are required to fill out an application form and have it signed by two WYC members who will become your sponsors. We encourage you to contact us if sponsorship is needed. The completed form must be accompanied with a $100 application fee that will be deducted from your membership cost upon acceptance to the WYC. The application is submitted to the WYC Secretary who assigns a number to it immediately upon receipt. After your application is processed, it is displayed on the WYC bulletin board during at least one monthly meeting for the membership to view. Candidates will then interview with the membership committee.

Work or Pay – long standing tradition that we practice to this day that enables club property, facilities and amenities to stay in excellent condition without over burdensome expense to the membership. There are a great array of skills and talents held by WYC membership and we strongly encourage members to get involved with projects and events.

Membership Meetings – The monthly membership meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, excluding July and August. The meetings are for members only. All WYC matters are openly discussed at this time and copies of the WYC finances are distributed to the membership.

Beyond our own ByLaws, “Roberts Rules of Order” are the guidelines used to conduct the meetings. All committees present a current update of progress. All members are encouraged to attend and participate.

Board of Directors – The WYC elects a Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer annually. In addition, two members are elected to the Board of Directors for a two-year term. The entire board consists of the elected members as well as the Junior Past Commodore. All business of the WYC is taken up at the BOD meeting that is held on the first Thursday of each month.

Slip Assignments –Slip assignments are made by filling out an application and submitting the form to the Fleet Captain. The maximum boat size allowed at the WYC is 40 feet and no beam shall exceed 14 feet.

Insurance Coverage – Before bringing a boat onto club property, the member must provide proof of required boat insurance.

Launching and Hauling – Before any boat is allowed into the water, it must be inspected by a member of the Launching Committee or the BOD. The inspection is for safety measures for all concerned. It consists of compliance with life preservers, fire extinguishers, bilge pumps, proper registration, working engines and general upkeep. Launching begins on April 1’st.

Hauling on a cradle is conducted during the last two weekends of October. Members must submit an application to the Hauling Chairman. The member MUST be there on the assigned date and assist with the hauling process until the chairman determines all work has been completed.

Those members who trailer their boat can launch and haul their boat by use of the Rail Launch, or on our WYC ramp. The same rules mentioned above apply before your boat is allowed in the water.

Rail Car – The Rail Car is engineered for launching and hauling larger boats that are stored on a cradle, versus a trailer. Members needing to haul their boat for various reasons during the season can do so by arranging it with the Hauling Committee.

WYC Function Hall – The WYC hall and facilities are available to members for various private functions. Details and arrangements are made in advance by notifying the secretary and getting BOD approval The member will be responsible for his/her guests and must leave the facilities completely clean.

Family Members – The WYC strives to keep our atmosphere as a family organization. We strongly encourage family members to come and enjoy our facilities. Each member will be assigned a card key to open the main gate and a key for the various gate locks etc. A member, upon request, can receive a second card key for his/her spouse or partner. Additional cards may be issued upon approval of the BOD. Club rules allow only the member to operate the boat to and from the WYC docks. If a family member chooses to use the boat, the actual member must be present when the boat leaves the dock and upon its return. There may be exceptions to this rule granted by the BOD.

Waterways – WYC shares the Charles River with three other yacht clubs, as well as many rowing clubs. There are strict State rules concerning waterway speed and conduct. All WYC members are expected to obey all rules and know that they are representing the WYC. Members of the WYC are also entitled to the use of two moorings at Worlds End in Hingham Harbor. These moorings are only to be used by the members of the WYC. The use of these moorings is strictly enforced by the Hingham Harbormaster.

Commodore’s Bulletin – Our monthly newsletter is mailed or e-mailed to all WYC members. The bulletin is our primary method of communication, although WYC "Alerts" are sent via email when needed.

WYC Social Functions – The WYC hosts many social functions throughout the year, usually geared toward the season.. This is a great way to get introduced to other members of the club while having a great time.

The WYC also organizes several “invasions” to other yacht clubs around the greater Boston area and beyond.

Ice Machine – WYC also has the availability of an ice machine during the boating season located under the club deck.

Club Steward – The WYC employs a club steward year round. The steward is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the club and his hours are posted on the blackboard under the deck. The steward reports directly to the House Chairman.

Gasoline – Gasoline is available for sale at the WYC. While on duty the club steward is available to pump gas. There are other members of WYC that are on the gasoline committee that are available to assist when necessary.

Pump Out Service – WYC has recently invested in new equipment for our pump out facility. This is located at the gas dock and is available for WYC boats and the public.

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